Friday, October 17, 2008

Classic Southern Manors

I love old architecture! The details are so intricate, I could spend hours photographing the front of a building!

We went to New Bern last weekend, in the downtown historic district, for Mumfest. I didn't see many mums, but I saw a lot of cool old houses. Any excuse to have a festival, I suppose.

Here is a gorgeous bed and breakfast. The front porch is sweeping and wide, extending beyond the photo all the way to the left, where there is the main entrance. No, this isn't the main entrance! It's almost a side entrance, the way it is recessed.

Here's one that needs some TLC. It's for sale, any takers?
I thought this home was the grandest of all! It too needs some work, but the peeling paint just adds more charm! The details on the porch are amazing! I love the sunburst pattern on the ceiling where the light hangs.

The festival would have been really nice except for the rain! We took the little guy over to the kiddie rides. He had the time of his life, but wasn't too happy when it started raining on him while on the big swing ride. He was already a little scared of the ride, but really wanted to go on it. I had to stand out in the rain next to him to reassure him while the attendant was strapping everyone in. Rain was just streaming down my legs and pooling in my socks and shoes! The things mothers do for their kids! (Dad was standing under an overhang by a concession stand to keep dry. **rolls eyes** To his credit, he finally came over to take pictures.)

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