Monday, April 26, 2010

There's No Place Like Home - And a Cool Vintage Pair Of Shoes

Okay, so I look more like the Wicked Witch than Dorothy in these, but I think they're the coolest shoes (and socks) ever!
These shoes are vintage 40's (?? any shoe experts out there ??) that came out of my grandma's closet. I used to play dress up in them as a kid and was so excited the day I grew into them and they fit! Fortunately for me my foot stopped growing at that point and they still fit.
Sadly they're as uncomfortable as hell because the padding is completely disintegrated but I'm sure I could replace it. I'm just scared to wear them outside...I'd be really mad if they got messed up!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The End Of An Era

Sorry to have left blogland for a week or so but I was thinking of you all. Things have been uber-busy in my shops and then I had to go out of town due to a death in the family. My last grandparent died this past week. It is the end of an era, no more grandparents are left. Now my parents are the grandparents and life goes on.
I went for a peaceful walk in the cemetery...well, as peaceful as it could be with three boys ages 4, 6, and 13 following behind! I took these photos to share with you.

A black swallowtail butterfly hovers around a red azalea.

And the grand finale...I was very moved by this headstone...Latin for "We had loved, We love, We loved".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grand ReOpening of UberArt!

The Etsy Bloggers first blog carnival topic for this month is Spring, new things and growth...tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it. I have the perfect item and story to go along with it--
Those of you who have followed my saga may remember that I opened a new shop in December and moved all my guest books there, leaving my poor UberArt shop sadly neglected.
I didn't want to close UberArt because I had some ideas for that shop floating around in my head but none of them felt "right". I have finally captured one of those ideas and it's a natural fit!

Sorry, I don't mean to yell, I just got excited.
It's so nice how it has coincided with the change of direction in my art. I've been making blank art journals for myself but then I thought, well, duhh, maybe other people might need blank art journals too!
This one is an accordion-star-flag book, or some such combination of all those techniques! It was fun to make and is even more fun to work in! Since it will stand open, you can paint a bunch of pages at once and let them all dry without worrying about them sticking to each other.

I was trying to wait until I had more inventory in my shop to do a grand opening announcement, but Emerson Bindery has kept me so busy with orders that I haven't had the time I'd hoped for to work on the art journals. My first art journal sold tonight, which forced me to start on a new one since it left only one lonesome book in my shop!

I've got a cool brown paper bag art journal I'm perfecting at the moment so watch for that, coming soon!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In One Hour...

I did an art journal page from start to finish. No fooling, really! Ok, I'm kind of late on the April Fools puns considering most of the day is now gone.

I actually remembered to take pictures as I progressed....

So here's the story behind the art. Today I went for a bike ride with DH through the woods by a stream. Very poetic sounding, but really it was just a glorified drainage ditch. I wish I brought my camera with me because the woods were beautiful with all their colors and sounds. We tend to think of terra cotta and ruby red as fall colors but I saw a lot of those colors blooming up in the trees.

The birds were calling to each other and the crickets were happily chirping. We stopped for a moment to listen to them and the water rushing by in the "stream". Truth: I was exhausted and had to take a break.

I am happy to report I kept up with DH including a small jump over a dirt hill, but unfortunately I am paying for it now. Time to get out the ice pack and heating pad! ;P

PS- I suppose I should mention DH was traveling with a handicap...our little guy in the child seat attached to DH's bike. Perhaps that is why I kept up so well.
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