Monday, November 10, 2008

My first show

I finally bit the bullet and participated in a craft show. I tend to stay away from them because they seem like so much work, getting inventory ready, pricing everything, preparing your display, and traveling to the show. It kind of reminds me of holding a yard sale (except without the travel)! I've had some bad experiences having yard sales, but that's for another post!

This show was put on by our ACE (Amazing Carolina Etsians) Team and hosted in one of our teammate's home. We had a lower than expected turn out, but most of us did okay. The best part was getting to meet each other in person--I would have attended just for that!

I learned a lot from this show and hopefully will attempt another show at some point. The picture above is of my display table. I think it was too small, or else I crammed too much on it! I should have done a trial run at home with the display, but I ran out of time trying to get all my stuff together. I was even pricing things in the car as my husband drove! Maybe I'll be better prepared next time!

1 comment:

aprilsoriginals said...

I liked your table Beth, maybe a bigger table would have allowed you to spread out more but overall I think it was very nice. I loved the way you were able to stand the journals up to display them, much easier to view than if they were lying down flat!
It was so much fun getting to meet you and your family, I hope we get to do it again sometime!

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