Monday, June 8, 2009

Backstage Guest Book!

The Fray Summer Tour Guest Book by UberArt
I've got some very exciting news to share! I was commissioned to do a backstage guest book for Grammy-award winning rock band The Fray for their summer tour. So if you get the privilege of going backstage, look for my guest book!

I did window cut outs on the front and back covers,
and embellished the front cover with metal brads.

The back cover with the band members in another cut out window.

I have to give credit to my husband for helping me in the brainstorming phase. I had some ideas sketched out and he was my sounding board, helping me to tweak them.

Here is my sketchbook with all my notes from my brainstorming session.

You've heard the old saying, measure twice and cut once? Well, I think I measured 40 times to be sure my one shot at cutting was going to be right. It was quite a challenge to get the photo for the window centered and glued down before the window was permanently placed in position. Everything had to line up exactly right. Arrgh! The stress!!

At each stage of the process, I was sure I was going to screw something up. Fortunately all my planning and measuring paid off. I got it right on the first shot! Whew!

Here are the finished covers, ready for my stitching holes to be punched, which was another heart-pounding moment! What if I punch the holes in the wrong place? What if my punch acts up and messes up the covers?

I go through this nerve wracking self-talk with every custom order I do, but this one was just a slightly bigger deal than usual. It was such a relief when it was all finished!


Tracey Gurley said...

Beth, I'm so happy for you I could scream!! This book is AMAZING!!!!!

CinderLisa said...

This is pretty flipping awesome. And you did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fun project and it turned out so totally cool! Congrats!

Etsy Twitter Team said...

Congrats! That's awesome! And it's a great looking book too!! :)

Newfangled said...

It looks awesome! Now you have cool stories to tell your grandkids lol :D

Waterstone Jewelry said...

OHG!! Congratulations. The book is beautiful and, hey, I LOVE The Frey!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Congrats on the sweet commission! Job well done. :)

tina said...

It is destined to be a treasured keepsake. Great job!

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