Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grand ReOpening of UberArt!

The Etsy Bloggers first blog carnival topic for this month is Spring, new things and growth...tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it. I have the perfect item and story to go along with it--
Those of you who have followed my saga may remember that I opened a new shop in December and moved all my guest books there, leaving my poor UberArt shop sadly neglected.
I didn't want to close UberArt because I had some ideas for that shop floating around in my head but none of them felt "right". I have finally captured one of those ideas and it's a natural fit!

Sorry, I don't mean to yell, I just got excited.
It's so nice how it has coincided with the change of direction in my art. I've been making blank art journals for myself but then I thought, well, duhh, maybe other people might need blank art journals too!
This one is an accordion-star-flag book, or some such combination of all those techniques! It was fun to make and is even more fun to work in! Since it will stand open, you can paint a bunch of pages at once and let them all dry without worrying about them sticking to each other.

I was trying to wait until I had more inventory in my shop to do a grand opening announcement, but Emerson Bindery has kept me so busy with orders that I haven't had the time I'd hoped for to work on the art journals. My first art journal sold tonight, which forced me to start on a new one since it left only one lonesome book in my shop!

I've got a cool brown paper bag art journal I'm perfecting at the moment so watch for that, coming soon!


storybeader said...

I love the accordian-star-flag book. It's so pretty, blank! Going to be gorgeous, as someone uses it!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for blank art journal!!! I like the accordion-star-flag book!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love the star idea! You're so right that it would be great to let the pages dry all at once!

Splendid Little Stars said...

excellent! a lovely journal!

RainyDayArt said...

Congrats on getting the shop going! The journals are very cool. I hope you find the time to make lots more! :)

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