Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Unfinished Project Now Finished!

I have been cleaning out my "art attic" this weekend. It is astounding to see the amount of junk one can accumulate! After filling two trash bags I am down to just two storage tubs and am quite thrilled with myself!

I had four storage tubs of miscellaneous junk such as tins, gift boxes, plastic containers, a valentine chocolate box (empty, of course), cardboard spools, bottles, and so on. I had plans for all of these items but my original intentions are long lost. If I really was going to use it, I would have by now.

There is fifth tub which is full of projects I've been meaning to finish. Here is an example:

This odd little box was a clearance item at Hobby Lobby. I loved the box, but not the "design" on the front. What the heck is it anyhow?? A worm? A skull?? Any ideas?

To cover up the worm-skull-thingy, I pasted this card I made at my monthly stamp club over it and voila! A useful box, which is pretty to look at also.

Yay, I can check this unfinished project off my list! Now...what to put in the box...more junk??

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