Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anyone Ever Heard Of A Lurcher?

Apparently, this is what my dog is called! I always thought he was a lab/greyhound mix until someone from a greyhound rescue club told me otherwise. He is indeed what I always thought him to be, but he now has the official title of Lurcher. It's not a recognized breed but the name given to many sight hound mixes. They're very common in the UK but rather unusual here in the states.

Here's a more recent picture of my pal. He's getting really grey around his muzzle :( He's enjoying his favorite place in the whole wide world--the lake. He loves to swim.

They say greyhounds just go until they drop and I hope that's what he's going to do. He's always been VERY active. A joke I make about his mixed heritage is that he retrieves things (Labrador retriever), very quickly (Greyhound)!

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Chris said...

Hi, Beth! Thanks for stopping by Nashville Daily Photo! I had been thinking about you a few weeks ago and wondering how you are doing in NC. How's that baby of yours? :-)

Things here are crazy. I've gone back to grad school (like I need another degree), and my husband is taking early retirement at the end of the month. That means we're off to Las Vegas soon. Email me if you get a chance. The link is on my website.

Love your dog!!

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