Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Beauty of Dragonflies

My preschooler loves to walk in the garden with me to discover the latest blooms and insects. We recently planted a redbud tree and checking on it has become part of our repetoire. This evening there was a green dragonfly sitting on the topmost branch munching on his dinner. We watched him for a while and my son waved at him. To our surprise, the dragonfly lifted his front leg and appeared to wave back! My son was thrilled!

Enjoy these handmade dragonfly items I found on Etsy, as well as the dragonfly poems!

Water lily and dragonfly original oil painting by LeslieMacon

Dragonfly Treasure - Wide Band Dragonfly Ring with Lapis by LavenderCottage

La Libellule limited edition 8x10 print by Peggitha

A Dragonfly
Your delicate wings rapidly beat the air
The sleekness of your weightless body hovers
Curiously observing as though you care
Steadily searching for lifelong endeavors

Do you bring a message of a tranquil destiny?
Does your evolving maturity convey wisdom?
If I follow, will I find harmony or perplexity?
As you disappear… I am serenely lonesome
by Theresa Moore, 2007

Deco Dragonfly Mug in Seafoam by OneClayBead

DRAGONFLY FLY Blue Green Glass bead mix with Antique brass by kelleylovedesigns

The Dragon Fly
A dragon fly upon my knee
Is sitting looking up at me.

He has a scarlet tail and six
Little legs like jointed sticks.

With two of them he rubs his head.
His eyes are brown, his mouth is red,

His wings are colored like the rain:
He lifts them, and flies off again.

by Dorothy Keeley Aldis
1896-1966, written in 1925


Splendid Little Stars said...

I love dragonflies! and I love your post! What a fun story about seeing the dragonfly "wave." You have found some gorgeous dragonfly treasures. Thanks for sharing!

WolfeWoman said...

I soo love dragonflies, and feel honored to have my mug included in your feature - I'm OneClayBead on Etsy. Glad to have found your blog, too.

Hitchhiking Butterflies said...

thank you so much for including my dragonfly bracelet-it is such an honor to be among such other beauties!

My son is turning 6 and he still delights in seeing a dragonfly flitter by. It is so great re-experiencing the world through their eyes!

thanks again!

Lille Diane said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful work by all the artists. How could you not love a dragon fly? I have a cobalt blue kayak and there are cobalt blue dragon flies on my lake. I cannot tell you how many times they've parked on me or my kayak when I'm out kayaking. I think they think I am the mother ship dragon fly. :-) It always make me smile. Just like your blog did. :-)

BeadedTail said...

I love dragonflies too and your choices are wonderful!

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