Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peacock Perfection

The Peacock Bustle Moleskin Cahier by mulberrymuse
Holly Peacock Feather Hair Clip by TheSleepyAlbatross
Peacock 8 Original Oil Painting by RozArt
Peacock Necklace (vintage lucite) by MataHariJewelry

I love peacocks, they're such regal looking birds! Here are some lovely peacock themed items I found on Etsy. Whenever I see a peacock now, I think of the time we took my (then) two year old to the zoo. We were in one of the gift shops and a peacock came up to the window and looked in at him. They examined each other for a long time, it was so cute!


Mata Hari said...

Oh how lovely~ I'm delighted to be included in your stunning Peacock collection! Your blog is fabulous!

Kind Regards,

Mata Hari Jewelry

DipYourToes said...


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