Monday, May 19, 2008

New inventory--and my history on Etsy

I've expanded my shop and added some polymer clay pendants for sale. I originally thought I was going to have a jewelry shop on Etsy. However, after listing three items--a pendant, a journal, and a polymer clay pot--and having only the journal sell, I took a different direction. There is a lot of competition in the jewelry market! So many beautiful designs!

Instead, I incorporated my "jewels" as I call them, onto the covers of some of my journals. The pendants have been sitting around for two years. Every once in a while I'll wear one and I always get compliments. So I thought I'd give it another whirl and see what happens.

Here's a sneak peek at one not yet listed!

When I first started on Etsy, I did absolutely no marketing whatsoever. I listed my items and had one sell within 24 hours, so I erroneously concluded that is all one has to do, kind of like Ebay. List and sit back...the buyers just come to you! My pot and pendant sat there for 4 months and I kind of gave up all hope of them ever selling. When my listings approached their expiration, I decided to try something different and started making more journals.
Some of my first listings on Etsy!

I want to continue making journals, since that is my passion for the time being, but I like to keep things fresh. Popping something new and unexpected into my shop is a good way to stay relevant, and surprise people at the same time! Tee hee! I'm having fun, can you tell?


Julia said...

I'm so glad you're having so much fun with your artwork right now! It feels so good to switch things up a bit! By the way, I love your new pendants AND the caribean blue journal :) Yum, yum!

Tamara said...

I was just flipping through other profiles listed as Artist, and found yours. I really like your journals, they make me want to draw! The pendant is just lovely. I am enchanted. I hope they sell for you. I know what you mean about competion. It is tough. Good luck, not that you need it!

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