Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy busy!

Wow, have I been swamped this past week with custom orders! My poor blog suffered as a result. I was ashamed to see the last entry was on Valentine's day! Custom orders are a lot of fun and I enjoy the challenge the projects present. Most of the books I have made this week are wedding guest books.

A guest book for a Tiffany blue themed wedding

My most challenging project so far was doing a journal with tracing paper for the text block. When I started to stitch it together I found the spine wanted to collapse on me, so I had to add some sketch paper to the folios to make them more structurally sound.
The tracing paper journal, using handmade Lokta paper for the covers

This was a fun project and a very pleasant customer to work with! I really like it when my customers give me artistic license to come up with something creative within their guidelines of specific colors or sizes. This photo album was a variation on my Winter Damask Guest Book, done in portrait instead of landscape layout.

A guest book for a black and fuchsia themed wedding.

I've got one more custom order I'm working on this week and then I can focus on listing some new journals I've got waiting in the wings! Unless of course I get more custom requests, which is fine, bring 'em on!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the custom orders! The books you created are beautiful!

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Oh your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am giving you a blog award. Here is the link for the details!

UberArt said...


Anonymous said...

your books are so gorgeous. I can't wait until I have an occasion to need a book. Maybe I need one that I could just use as a journal. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I think they are gorgeous.

UberArt said...

Awww, thanks Dana! And likewise, I've been admiring your stylish jewelry!

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