Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Background Inspirations

Someone recently inquired where I find inspiration for my backgrounds I use in my photos, so I thought it might make an interesting "behind the scenes" blog post.

This is the floor of my studio, next to the window where I get some lovely natural light. I was looking for a background that was somewhat neutral to compliment my books. I looked down and voila! I was standing on it!

However, that background didn't work for this book because the book is nearly the same color as the floor. And besides that, I got tired of laying in the floor to get good shots of my books!

You'll never guess what the background in the above shot really is! (Keep reading)

I was having trouble with an orange-yellowish cast reflecting off the floor, and the whitewashed background didn't work with this book, so I took a printer's tray and turned it upside down for this lovely aged wood background!

So here is the inspiration for the whitewashed background I used. I saw it in the Jan 2010 issue of Somerset Life magazine. I wondered what I had around the house to use and my thoughts immediately turned to a little table which recently resurfaced in the garage as my hubby was straightening up.

And here it is! The background for my Tea Stained Guest Book.

My great aunt made this herself, handy lady that she was. She had it in her dining room with a potted fern on it for as long as I can remember. When she died I inherited it. It's a wonderful little shabby chic piece and has been sadly neglected for many years...I never could find a place to put it in my house. Now it has a new home in my studio and gets almost daily use. (The printer's tray I use is behind it.)

Which background is your favorite? If you do much photography, do you have a favorite background you like to use in your photos?


Lizzie said...

Love it! I have used our bedroom floor as a background for photos before now. We have a skylight, which faces NE, so the light can be quite lovely there and not too "shiny".
I also used the lovely teak garden tables during the summer. I suppose I could bring one indoors now, to use in winter, but somehow I don't think it would suit the light conditions. It's so "blue" and "grey" here... getting a good shot with any colour is tricky. I have had to have several attempts for various items and I'm still not pleased with my recent shots.
But your table, floor and printers' tray all work wonderfully - your photos are great!

Anitra Cameron said...

Smiling because your floor matches mine, and I frequently use it for just the same reason! It helps that the window in the living room goes all the way to the floor.

I do a lot of photography, mostly for the ThinkCrafts blog, and will often spread an embroidered table cloth over my work surface for it, or sometimes a sheet of solid-color paper that coordinates with the work.

And I LOVE Somerset Studios! Every single issue is scrumptious. aaaahhh

PS I saw your comment over at StoryBeader's, that you love fences. I do a Friday Fence Post meme, and I'd love it if you joined us!

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