Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas Trees: Day 12

Here were are, at the last tree of my Twelve Days series! This tree is my own, with chartreuse green and gold accents, and the occasional kid ornament thrown in here and there.

We started a new tradition for my son. Each year he picks out an ornament at the store. When he's all grown up and has his own tree I'll give them to him. Of course, by that time he'll probably be embarrassed by them--they won't be "cool"!

I still hang some of my childhood ornaments on my tree, mixed in with my "grown-up" ornaments! There's one at the bottom of my tree--the pink styrofoam gingerbread girl.

I like birds. Can you tell? ;P

And there you have it. Twelve decorating ideas for Christmas trees. If you haven't decided on your own, you'd better get to it! Christmas is just a few days away!

Do you have any Christmas ornament traditions? Do you use favorites from your childhood, or new "grown-up" ones?

1 comment:

KarleighJae said...

Beautiful tree and I love the birds!!

Starbooks cover my tree :)

When my kids are old enough to write, I'd love to start the tradition of having them write down their favorite memories from Christmas and then they'll be brought out each year to hang on the tree as stars and we can read them and remember the fun things we did. I might start it this Christmas and write it for them :)

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