Wednesday, December 28, 2011


December seems to be the time for me to make changes and new resolutions. It was December two years ago that I opened my second Etsy shop. Why wait until January when I can get a head start a month earlier, eh? ;)

The art journaling I've periodically featured on my blog has moved to Wordpress, come along! I've named my new blog "My Creative Muse" and will focus primarily on art journaling and the creative process.

Bookbinding topics can be found on my Emerson Bindery blog.

I'll keep the Studio B/UberArt blog around but I just feel like I need a fresh start. I've been rather directionless and without a clear theme here, yammering about whatever comes to mind. The Christmas posts I do here have been very popular but as much as I love Christmas, that isn't my passion--I want my posts to come from my heart. I hope y'all will transition with me and enjoy my new theme!


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