Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Trees: Day 1

Last year I did twelve blog posts on Christmas trees and holiday decor. It was so well received that I will start a tradition and do it again!

Day 1: Winter Palace

There's a little holiday shop nearby which is a favorite haunt of mine during this time of year. They have bunches of fabulous decorator trees, done up in different themes. This year they actually had a hand painted sign which named most of the displays. This one is "Winter Palace".

I love the crystals hanging from this tree. The gold accents give this tree just the right touch of warmth.

And thus concludes your tour of the Winter Palace. Stay tuned for more themed decorator trees in the next installment of this series!


Rose said...

This is a fun idea. Gorgeous pictures!

Almost Precious said...

Wonderful tradition you started. Love the Winter Palace tree, so lush and lovely.

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